Computer Repair

I offer computer repair services by appointment within a 20 mile radius of Champaign. Towns included are:

Bement, Bondville, Broadlands, Champaign, Dewey, Fisher, Foosland, Gifford, Homer, Ivesdale, Longview, Mahomet, Mansfield, Monticello, Ogden, Pesotum, Philo, Rantoul, Royal, Sadorus, St. Joseph, Savoy, Seymour, Sidney, Thomasboro, Tolono, Urbana, White Heath, Villa Grove.

If the problem is something simple to fix, I will do it on-site. Otherwise I will bring the computer back to my home office to run further tests.

All rates listed are labor only. Parts are extra. Sales tax of 9% will be charged on any parts.

Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Note: Laptop computer repair will generally cost a little more than a desktop repair. This is due to the way a laptop is configured. It takes more time to get inside of a laptop and replace whatever component that needs fixed.

System Diagnostic: $30
This scan checks your computer’s memory, hard drive, power supply and other components to make sure nothing is physically wrong with the computer. I will also scan for viruses and spyware/malware.

Note: This fee will be removed from your final bill if you choose to have me perform the repairs on your computer.

Peripherals setup (Printer, scanner, digital camera, etc): $30 + parts
Did you just get a new printer or scanner but need some help setting it up?

Memory upgrade/replacement (RAM): $30 + parts
Upgrading your computer’s memory (RAM) can offer speed improvements and allow you to have multiple programs open without it slowing down.

Wireless/wired router setup/troubleshooting: $40 + parts
Do you have internet but need a wireless connection? Do you already have a wireless router but not getting the performance you would like? I can help troubleshoot signal issues and find a solution for you.

Hard drive upgrade: $50 + parts
Are you running out of space on your hard drive? Need more room for your photos? I can clone your hard drive to a bigger one.

Hard drive replacement / Operating System installation: $100 + cost of new operating system
If your hard drive is failing, it is best if you replace it immediately so you don’t lose any data. If it has failed already, then you will need a new hard drive and need to install all of your programs. (hopefully you have a backup of all your data!)

Computer tune-up: $75
Just like your vehicle, a computer needs a tune up now and then. See below for the services included in the tune up.

-Virus/Spyware Scan/Removal
-Memory/Hard Drive testing
-Clean up temp files and defrag (usually makes things run faster)
-Update various software (Windows updates, web software like Firefox, Flash, etc)
-Uninstall old or unnecessary software

Remote Tech Support: $50 / hr
Some repairs or questions can be solved remotely. Using special software and with your permission, I can log into your machine via the internet, answer questions and fix issues.