1PasswordApp Name: 1Password
Developer: AgileBits
Platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android

Are you tired of forgetting that obscure password? Frustrated that you can’t use 12345 for your password anymore? What you need is a password manager to remember all of your passwords. 1Password lets you store all of your passwords in a secure place. It has a random password generator which lets you make really long passwords that would never be guessed. All you have to remember is a single password to access 1Password. You can also store other information like banking information, credit cards, software licenses and more. The Mac and Windows versions come with browser extensions for easy password retrieval.

Note: If you plan on getting both the Mac and Windows versions, go through the AgileBits store to get a discounted price on the bundle.

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purchase from the AgileBits store.

Purchase from the AgileBits store.


Android app on Google Play

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